Protective shells of fluoroplast are intended for protection of materials of composite gaskets from aggressive media exposure in the temperature range from minus 30 to plus 250 °C at nominal pressures up to 16 kgf/cm2 (1.6 MPa) and in vacuum not lower than 30 mm Hg. An insert of rubber, asbestos, paronite or steel is placed inside the shell. Composite gaskets of this type are used for sealing of flange couplings of enameled vessels, reactors, apparatuses, manholes, pipelines and valves used in the chemical, petrochemical and other related industries with nominal diameters from 10 to 2000 mm. Fluoroplast imparts high chemical resistance to the seals. The compressive strength of a composite gasket comprising fluoroplast and asbestos is 10 times higher than that of a fluoroplastic gasket.

Manufacturing of shells having non-standard dimensions according to customer’s statement of works is possible.