Insulators of fluoroplast-4 can be used:

- as insulating bushings for unit transformer boxes;

- as lead-in insulators of transformer boxes;

- as insulating bushings for oil circuit breakers of suspended type (ВМП) in switchgears or factory-assembled control stations (chambers ofКСУtype);

- in internally installed circuit breakers ofРВФtype;

- as insulators in quartz current-limiting (ПКТtype) and externally installed explosion-type (ПСНtype) safety fuses.

The use of insulators produced of fluoroplast-4 results from its excellentelectric properties:

- volume resistivity 1017...1020Ohm*m

- surface resistivity over 1017Ohm

- electric strength at the thickness of 0.2 mm over 40 mm2

- dielectric permittivity at 103 Hz 1.9...2.2

- dissipation factor at 103 Hz 0.0002...0.0003

- arc resistance 250 sec

The advisability of use of insulators produced of fluoroplast-4 is proved by the examples of the following articles serially produced by our company:

- nozzle-bushings for SF6 circuit breakers;

- insulators for steam generators;

- insulating bushings and rings forВММП-10,ЯЧ.К-59andК-47circuit breakers used in switchgear boxes.

We are ready to produce various insulators of fluoroplast-4 according to customer’s drawings.