Water-jet pumps made ofФ-4ofНВФtype are equivalents of glass pumps ofНВtype.

Water-jet pumps are designed for ultimate vacuum creation and suction of various liquids.

Pump capacity at water-supplying network pressure of 2 atm. is 0.8 – 0.95 l/min.

The technical characteristics ofНВФ-1andНВФ-2pumps are equivalent to those of glass pumps ofНВtype.

Two variants of the pumps are produced:НВФ-1andНВФ-2(Figure 1 and Figure 2 respectively) which are distinguished by the manner of connecting to water-supplying network:

-НВФ-1are connected to the spout by means of a rubber hose;

-НВФ-2are put immediately on the spout.

Main advantages ofНВФpumps:

- high release performance of fluoroplast-4 (no adhering) enables operation of the pumps for long periods of time without cleaning the functional surfaces;

- no need to worry about retaining of operational capability of the pumps in case of their negligent use due to high strength ofФ-4;

- perfect chemical resistance ofФ-4provides the possibility of using the pumps for pumping out aggressive media;

- possibility of operation in the temperature range from - 269 to + 260 °С;

- the guaranteed time of pump quality characteristics retaining is 20 years;

- easy and reliable operation.

Water-jet pumps ofНВФtype having other connecting dimensions can be custom-developed and custom-built for your laboratory.

Fig. 1. НВФ-1 Fig. 2. НВФ-2

We are ready to develop and manufacture various articles of fluoroplast substituting their equivalents of glass to your order.