TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION 3631-013.22955745-2014 Customs union declaration of conformity № RU Д-RU.АЯ41.В.00654

Centrifugal pump of Х45/23/4-П model (horizontal, of overhung type, on a separate support, with a shaft gland seal and with the flow part made of fluoroplast-4 (GOST 10007-80)) is used in the chemical industry for pumping reactive and neutral liquids with density not exceeding 1850 kg/m3, temperature ranging from 0 to +70 °С, containing no inclusions or containing solid inclusions with the size not exceeding 0.2 mm and the volume percent of which does not exceed 0.1 %. The pump falls into the second reliability group (GOST 6134-87), climatic version У and placement category 4 (GOST 15150-69). The technical characteristics of the pump are given in the table.

Centrifugal pump of Х45/23/4-П model

The numbers and letters in the pump designation denote:
Х – horizontal, overhung, on a separate support;
45 – pump flow rate, m3/h;
23 – pump head, m;
4 – placement category.

Technical characteristics of centrifugal pump
Characteristics Rated values
Volumetric displacement, m3/h 45+3.0
Pump head, m 23-1.0
Speed of pump, rpm 1450+3.0
Capacity, kW 7+0.2
Pump efficiency, %, not less than 50
Leakage through gland gaskets, cm3/h, not more than 100
Dimensions, m: length 0.735
width 0.450
height 0.490
Weight, kg, not more than 150

The pump can be supplied to the customer with an electrical engine and a frame. Spare parts can be also supplied by our company: nuts, protective caps, impellers, covers (without armour), volutes, press-on bushes e t.c. The guaranteed service life is 300 - 4000 hours, depending on the pumped media.