Bellows control valves are designed for changing the flow rate of liquids. The flow part of the valve is made of fluoroplast-4 which enables its use in case of handling aggressive media with temperatures ranging from - 15 to + 110 °С and nominal pressure up to 0.6 MPa (6 kgf/cm2). Three types of fluoroplastic bellows control valves (“ВРСФ”) having nominal inside diameters of 10, 15 or 20 mm are produced. The connecting and chief dimensions are given in the table. The connecting and chief dimensions of the valves can be changed at customer’s request.

Fluoroplastic bellows control valves (“ВРСФ”) can be used in automatic systems for chemically treated water Ph control based on “REMICONT R-130” (“РЕМИКОНТ Р-130”) controllers and PC. Request more details concerning automatic systems for Ph control from our company’s sales department.

Bellows control valve

Connecting and chief dimensions of fluoroplastic bellows control valves (“ВРСФ”)
Valve type DN (Dy) D D1 H…H1 H2 B
ВРСФ-10 10 50 75 155…190 47.0 35.0
ВРСФ-15 15 55 80 160…195 56.5 39.0
ВРСФ-20 20 65 90 160…200 59.0 43.0