Specializes in the manufacturing of industrial equipment (reactors, columns, agitator tanks, collection vessels, storage tanks, dispensing equipment e t. c.) protected from aggressive media exposure with fluoroplast by means of various processing methods (rotolining, spray coating and lining with welded fluoroplast sheets). The equipment can be manufactured according to the technical data provided by the customer or alternatively it can be designed by our company.

Serially produced equipment with the flow part of fluoroplast: jet and water-jet pumps, valves, stop valves, pipeline fittings, pipes of various diameters and lengths and downtake pipes;

Parts for equipment repair: various seals, compression rings of fluoroplast-4 and of compositions on its basis. Billets (rods, bushings, plates and tubes) of fluoroplast-4 and of compositions on its basis are also offered. Our company is ready to manufacture dimensionally accurate articles of fluoroplast-4 and of compositions on its basis for various applications according to your drawings, including articles produced on CNC machines. The up-to-date production technology level allows manufacturing of products meeting the highest demands. The quality management system of our company has been certified to GOST R ISO 9001-2011, registration № РОСС RU.ИТ10.К00004.

Our company has the declaration of conformity of pipeline assemblies lined with fluoroplast-4 to Customs Union technical regulation ТР ТС 032/2013 on the safety of equipment operating under positive pressure, registration № ТС N RU Д-RU.АУ04.В.07798, registration date 30.01.2015, valid until 29.01.2020.
All our experience and scientific developments will be used to fulfill your industrial tasks. We guarantee reliable partnership.
For more details on dimension types of existing billets and articles of fluoroplast-4 and of compositions on its basis and equipment with the flow part of fluoroplast-4, please, contact our specialists by phone:

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